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معهد عباقرة البيان العالي للتدريب معهد عباقرة البيان العالي للتدريب

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دورة تدريب المدربين TOT

Course Details

The Training of Trainers program provides you with the basic skills and practical methods of training (whatever your field of specialization) as the program focuses on introducing the basics of training, preparing goals, building training bags and contents, developing the art of recitation, and strategies for implementing programs, then it moves you to manage the training process so that the participants learn the rules of an effective trainer And management of registration, preparation of the venue and activation of marketing, in addition to financial studies for training courses. The program focuses on teaching participants the building arts and designing the cognitive and skill units of training packages and defining concepts, principles, process, and method and exercise for each training unit and the design of the accompanying slide shows, and the incentive preparation mechanisms for the participants in your courses, all within an applied practical framework in which each participant in the program is allowed to design and build his training material and gradually introduce it, then evaluate it and obtain effective feedback that helps him improve his performance.

  • For those wishing to enter the field of training
  • For those wishing to obtain a licensed certified trainer
  • For owners of training centers and institutes
  • For direct sales employees in companies and institutions of the retail sector.
  • For those wishing to apply for work in the field of training with companies, institutions and related bodies

  • Training basics
  • Performance training system
  • Managing the training process
  • Management of training programs
  • Training evaluation and impact measurement
  • Preparing the training package
  • Building and designing the training package
  • The components and contents of the training package

  • Preparing and qualifying a certified trainer
  • The ability to define the training need
  • Familiarity with the basics of preparing training programs
  • Knowing the best methods for preparing training bags
  • Familiarity with training methods and methods
  • Mastering the skills of negotiation and persuasion
  • The art of dealing with the patterns of the trained
  • Skills of handling questions and managing situations

  • Membership in the Academy
  • Intensive practical workshops
  • Obtaining all necessary files needed in the field of training of trainers
  • Free support, follow-up and consultations during and after the program
  • 25% discount on all other courses offered by the Academy
  • Certificates approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training (TVTC)
  • An optional extra hour after the end of each training day for questions, consultations and practical applications

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# City Date Course days Duration Course Fees Language The Hall
1 Online 2021-03-28 (Recorded) 15 Days 150 SR Arabic (Recorded)

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