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معهد عباقرة البيان العالي للتدريب معهد عباقرة البيان العالي للتدريب

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دورة التسويق الالكتروني، كورس التسويق الالكتروني، كورسات تسويق الكتروني

Course Details

This course will enable you to become familiar with all the tools and practices required for Digital Marketing. You will practice it just as the professionals in this to improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns on Google Adwords platform and other Social Media Websites. Thus, thus increasing the return on investment (mROI).

If you have the basics Digital Marketing and are looking to develop your skills in this field to move to an upper stage this course is designed specifically for you. To enrol in this course, one of the following conditions is required:

  • To be familiar with the basics of advertising on Google Adwords and other social Media Platforms.
  • The trainee has already attended the Digital Marketing Basic Course organised by our Institute.

  • Who wish to specialize in the field of e-marketing to work as independents
  • Private entrepreneurs who have the basics of e-marketing
  • Marketing and sales staff in companies and institutions qualified to work in this field
  • Webmasters, applications, or e-shops with e-marketing principles
  • Employees of advertising companies and digital marketing professionals
  • Employees in the management of social communication accounts and candidates for the positions

  • Day 1:
  • Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Pull & Push Strategy
  • Logical strategies and goals for campaigns (90% rule)
  • Smart Goals
  • SWOT Analysis Tool
  • Mix Marketing Elements (4Ps)
  • Buyer Journey
  • Best practices in determining the marketing budget and how to spend it
  • Effective marketing channels (Channels)
  • Measure the return of the visits Clicks compared to the return of leads
  • Measurement


  • Day 2: 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Why SEO?
  • Search Engines
  • How to attract customers through ad content (Inbound Marketing)
  • Web Master Tool
  • SEO sections and types
  • Section 1: Configuration within your website (ON Page)
  • Section 2: Setting Off Your Website (OFF Page)
  • Building Trusted Links (Trusted Links Building)
  • Common Mistakes and Practices to Avoid (Black SEO)


  • Day 3: 
  • Google Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • How to link your Google Analytics system effectively with your site and social media accounts
  • How to Extract Professional Reports on Google Analytics System
  • Real Time Visits
  • All Google Analytics tools for analytics and statistics and how to use them
  • Allocating the required goals of advertising campaigns and monitoring their performance and their results immediately
  • A tool to show the results of all the results of your ad campaigns in one place
  • Building links on Google (Google Link Builder)
  • Marketing by Email Marketing


  • Day 4: 
  • Optimize Google AdWords and Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Google Adwords relationship to marketing objectives
  • Best practices and advanced extensions to create and manage your ad on Google AdWords professionally
  • Budgeting and customising your ad impression (Budget & Capping)
  • Using Keyword Planner to analyse your target customers (Keywords Planner)
  • Types of keywords and best strategies in preparing them
  • Create a group of words (Keywords Group)
  • The Right Ways to Build Negative Keyword Lists to Reduce Spending
  • Best practices in determining bidding strategies and bidding (Types of Bidding)
  • Flexible bid strategy
  • How to add animated ads (Rich Media)
  • Golden rules to categorise ad groups
  • The importance of the Quality Score factor and how to improve it
  • Ad extensions and importance in the ad campaign (Ads Extensions)
  • Explain how conversions are tracked to see which of your campaigns are most profitable (Conversion Tracking Code)
  • Re-marketing
  • Re-targeting
  • Google Alerts to determine which keywords are most relevant to your business (Google Alerts)
  • Link your Google AdWords account with Google Analytics to generate professional reports

  • Learn all the strategies of global e-marketing
  • Determine the marketing budget and distribute them professionally and practically based on the results and analysis to obtain the greatest return on investment (mROI)
  • Find out all the secrets and secrets of SEO to put your site in the forefront of free results on all search engines
  • Link your website or access page to the Google Analytics system
  • Use all Google Analytics tools effectively to get complete and detailed analytics for your ad campaigns on different platforms
  • Allocate the required goals of ad campaigns and continue their performance and results
  • Monitor all visitors to your site and source their visits and activities to improve the customer experience
  • Learn the best practices that professionals use in using Google AdWords to get the highest possible return on your marketing investment

  • Membership in our Academy
  • Intensive application workshops
  • Support, follow-up and free consultations during and after the program
  • 30% discount on all other courses offered by the Academy
  • Obtain all necessary files in the field
  • Certificates approved by the General Organisation for Technical and Vocational Training
  • An additional hour after the end of each training day for questions, consultations and practical applications

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# City Date Course days Duration Course Fees Language The Hall
1 Riyadh 2021-06-25 Friday and Saturday (From 2:00 until 7:00 pm) 4 days 1900 SR Arabic / English Hilton Double Tree

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Rajhi Bank SA35 8000 0585 6080 1866 0889 Al Bayan High Institute Company

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